5G Brighton

5G is a new wireless mobile technology that is incredibly fast, very stable and with very low latency. It is not just an evolution of 2G, 3G and 4G – but a revolutionary enabling technology that could unleash game-changing digital products and services. 5G represents a unique opportunity for innovation –  where previous wireless connectivity was ‘fenced off’ – with its usage prescribed by network operators, there is a recognition that the true value of 5G will only be exploited through open innovation. This means enabling a diverse range of companies to innovate their own application of 5G.

Brighton is host to a range of 5G innovation projects, including an early stage 5G testbed  for small businesses, sited at the FuseBox. This testbed project will give digital businesses the opportunity to learn more about 5G, to enhance their existing products to take advantage of it, and to develop bespoke products for the technology.

This 5G testbed and a future larger scale version to be situated elsewhere are supported by Coast to Capital LEP, the Digital Catapult and Brighton & Hove City Council.

5G Testbed Accelerator Programme
Designed for startups and scaleups, this 12 week programme provides access to the tools, facilities and expertise needed to discover, develop and test new products and services using 5G technologies. The companies currently on the cohort are;
  • Overview Ark
  • Bushra Burge Studio
  • To Play For
  • Photogram.ai
  • Rippla
  • KAVE Immersive
  • Reality Check Productions
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