Immersive Discovery Day

The Immersive Discovery Day is an away-day of immersive exploration here at The FuseBox for teams – particularly senior management, decision-makers and key innovators – from companies who want a solid overview of the immersive landscape. 

I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t sure if it was for me but it has really opened my eyes to the possibilities. There is so much untapped. It’s like a whole other world with so many opportunities
Cara Wilson, Senior Marketing Manager, Pure360 

As well as offering a fun and engaging day of staff development, your team will come away with: 
  • An overview of the immersive industry; where it’s at and its potential. Plus ideas for where your time and resources should be spent if your company decides to enter this field. 
  • An understanding of how immersive technologies might affect the future of your business and how you can utilise these technologies. 
  • Hands-on experience with the latest immersive hardware (worth over £60,000) and a detailed overview of their features and capabilities. 
  • Insight into what makes good immersive content from both a consumer and business perspective. 
  • Contacts and resources to help you kickstart a project of your own.

So, what’s covered? 
Over the course of the day, we will introduce you to the latest market-leading immersive equipment and experiences, as well as cutting-edge technologies that are still being developed; giving you a detailed understanding of the technologies and opportunities available to you. Some of the topics covered include… 

Virtual Reality 
360 content production, types of VR headsets, how freedom of movement is achieved, social VR experiences, creative tools in VR, navigating virtual worlds, and future possibilities of VR. 

Augmented Reality 
Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality, smartphone AR, browser-based AR (WebAR), applications of AR, and Holoportation. 

Haptics & Motion Capture 
What haptics is, how haptics can improve immersion, why body tracking is important to VR, and how to add body presence to immersive experiences. 

Useful information about the Day
  • The day is ideal for groups of 6 people to ensure everyone gets to experience the immersive demos but we can be flexible depending on your needs. 
  • The day is created by us for Wired Sussex member companies. If your company is not already a member, you can find out how to join here.
  • The day takes place here in the FuseBox, from 10am-4pm on an agreed date. 
  • Refreshments and buffet lunch will be provided and we can cater for all dietary needs.

Book your Immersive Discovery Day today! For costs and bookings, please get in touch online or phone 01273 692888.