POSTPONED: Women in Innovation In celebration of Women’s History Month and as a proud part of Spring Forward 2020, we will be shining a spotlight on some of the incredible women working in Brighton at the creative cutting edge of emerging technologies.

Join us for a series of inspiring and informative stories from 5 of the residents at the FuseBox R&D hub and hear about their adventures, real and virtual, in the new worlds of immersive and emerging technologies.

Angie Taylor
Angie is a sculptor, teacher, artist and author with a 27-year career as a motion graphic designer. Her long and varied career has led her to experiment with a variety of different mediums - most recently, Virtual Reality - in the quest for the perfect creative expression. She’s currently working on a VR art experience which explores a neurodiverse, creative mind.

Donna Close
Donna is a senior research fellow at UoB and an independent creative director/ producer with expertise in immersive tech, festivals and place-making. With over 25-years experience in the arts and cultural sector, she's raised more than £11million for arts and cultural programmes, developed cultural strategies and creative programmes and led international partnerships for innovation, knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Iona Scott
Iona AKA Planktonworld has had an illustrious career creating immersive experiences that take you into the submarine microscopic world of plankton using Visual Art, Stereoscopic 3D Animation and VR. As part of her mission to celebrate and promote marine wildlife, Iona is currently developing and exhibiting her recycled plastic 3D printed light sculpture ‘Discosphaera’.
Her most recent commission included a Discosphaera and two more plankton light sculptures for Micropia at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/2020.

Maf'j Alvarez
Artist, UX Designer and creative technologist, Maf’j specialises in VR and interactive digital media, with a particular interest in promoting social inclusion and women in tech. Her work has taken her across the world, collaborating with the likes of the Royal Opera House, Ion Quantum Technology Group and Arts Council England, to name a few.

Rachel Henson
Rachel has been making outdoor Mixed Reality experiences since 2009, using film, photography and technology to develop low-fi means of experiencing visual place-based stories. Her unique narratives navigate audiences through specific locations, merging visual story worlds with live landscapes.

Free to attend and open to all backgrounds, ages and genders.

This event is part of Spring Forward 2020, a month-long festival which runs throughout March to celebrate the role of women in digital culture.