Rethinking Digital Innovation Strategies: Learning from the Grassroots How can we create better, more purpose-driven digital innovation; innovation that provides greater social and economic value to our communities?

Join us on Monday 4th November, 6-8:30pm at The FuseBox for a unique opportunity to hear and learn about alternative approaches to innovation from around the world.

More about the event

It’s clear that society needs better ways of solving its problems - it needs innovation. But the dominant innovation models, popularised in Silicon Valley and beloved of policy elites, have often resulted in the increased concentration of power and resources and in community alienation.

This ESRC Social Science Week event discusses alternative approaches to innovation, looking at what we can learn from grassroots innovation activity in India, South America and Europe and, closer to home, from Nesta’s Share Lab programme and Bristol's Knowle West Media Centre.

The event is chaired by the FuseBox innovation hub founder Phil Jones and includes Adrian Smith, co-author of Grassroots Innovation Movements, Jenni Lloyd from innovation foundation Nesta and KWMC founder and smart citizenship champion Carolyn Hassan. Hear how their research and experiences have led them to challenge innovation orthodoxies and join in the discussion about what it means for the digital sector’s ideas of platform and civic innovation, the sharing economy, and new definitions of value.

This event is free and open to all!