Duncan with his Ideas Library book donation of ‘Atlas of the Heart’ by Brené Brown.

Atlas of the Heart' delves deeper into personal development... discussing bravery, being ok in the unknown, taking risks, showing up, and the power of stories.

Are you curious about creative tech? Welcome to the FuseBox where you will find an eclectic group of creatives, artists and technologists! Our community is filled with leaders in the digital and creative sectors, and the skies aren’t the limit when it comes to the latest innovations.

Photographer, videographer and qualified drone pilot, Duncan Lethbridge, is just one of the many talented residents here at the FuseBox. Originally from the West Country, Duncan has been based in Brighton for 20 years, following a decade in London working in events and production. 

Since joining our community in September, Duncan has brought years of creative tech experience and knowledge to share at our innovation hub. He is currently working in collaboration with Abstract Source, a digital music therapy composer. Duncan is also working in aerial photography, video production, photogrammetry and virtual tours.

We caught up with Duncan to get to know a bit more about him and his work…

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your background? 

I’ve always been involved in the space where art and technology meet, and after years working in events & production management projects evolved to be more hands on with creating content.

I’ve spent 10 years working as a photographer for a local design agency and specialising in elevated photos and tours for industrial property, office developments and surveys, then with the rapid developments in drone technology the role expanded to include aerial cinematography, aerial photos, photogrammetry and virtual tour production. I’ve been a licensed/qualified drone pilot for several years. 

Aerial photography taken from Duncan Lethbridge’s website. 

Tell me about the projects you've been working on?

I’ve been working on a long term collab/partnership with the digital music therapy composer, Abstract Source, creating live immersive audio visual shows, featuring soundscapes and slow motion aerial films by drone. I’ve also been working on some new music and films that are near completion in preparation for some live immersive shows and I’ve been creating some aerial photography, video production and photogrammetry.

Some of my ongoing commercial drone projects have been for architects, developers and agents, photographing, mapping and filming sites or creating marketing content for completed buildings. 

I’m currently building large scale aerial virtual tours featuring 360 panoramic views created by drone for a multi-view city wide project, as well working in restricted flight zones in Central London, combining non-standard flight applications, and enhanced RAMS procedures. 

The past year has presented a lot of challenges, has that changed the way you've approached anything?

Absolutely. I’ve definitely had to change tack quickly to offer much more online content and was lucky to be able to shoot, produce and create lots of virtual tours for clients through lock down. I’ve also had to think further ahead about the developments with virtual production and creating content for VR worlds and needing to keep my skills/knowledge up to date. 

Screenshot of a 3D model created using one of Duncan’s drone flights by the FuseBox’s Innovation & Technology Manager, Chris Chowen. 

How long have you been a FuseBox resident and how has being a FuseBox resident benefited you?

Now in my second month, aside from the great AV resources at hand, the advice, community dialogue, and multiple skill sets in one shared space are a huge benefit. 

Having a base and getting to find out more about the broad range of skills and work going on under one roof is great. 

What are your future plans with the projects you have created?

With Abstract Source we’ll continue to explore the music, film and technology worlds for creating meaningful, meditative experiences. We’ll be delivering some live AV shows and gallery installations next year, and we’re lucky to have support from Canterbury University to research and develop immersive content for the real and online worlds. 

In general, new advances in drone technology for mapping, cinematography and 360 video are all pretty exciting, so we'll keep on trucking...well, flying!

Find out more about Duncan and his work here

If you’re interested in becoming part of our exciting and collaborative community as a FuseBox resident yourself, contact us today to book your own personalised tour.  

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