Last week, the legendary local Brighton venue Green Door Store was recreated into a virtual space with featured performances from local emerging musicians and spoken word poets.

Mozilla Hubs was used to create the virtual environment that runs on modern browsers, mobiles, desktops and VR devices. The Green Door Store was rooted in a photorealistic representation of this much loved and distinctive, gritty bar and club environment, which contrasts with the fantasy quality of a game or 2D Zoom call.

Ticket holders embodied a personal avatar at the gig and could move through the space, meet friends and interact with others in a way that mimics the real world in the virtual Green Door Store environment.

The event featured music and spoken word performances from five breakthrough artists including: Bklava, Nokia Mansion, KianVsLife, Kymara, Priss Nash and Henna.  

With the live sector slowly opening up, and with social distancing restrictions in place indefinitely, this groundbreaking public event opens up more possibilities as to how live events could be conducted and curated in the future.

This project was made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Project partners: Platform B, Green Door Store, IXXY, Mutiny Media and FUGU.

This is a great showcase for our upcoming work on the 5G Festival. More details about how you can learn more about creating virtual venues and spaces coming soon.

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