At the FuseBox we have always maintained a strict hygiene policy; regularly cleaning headsets, controllers and face cushions. Before the lockdown, we provided single-use face masks to provide an extra barrier between the headset and the user.

As we bring the FuseBox back to functioning at full capacity, we realised that these measures were not only not enough to properly protect against COVID-19 but also unsustainable due to the huge amount of time required and waste generated from wiping and cleaning each headset between each use.

Introducing the Cleanbox. Powered by UVC light, the Cleanbox is capable of eliminating 99.99% of known contaminants including COVID-19 in 1 minute! When paired with the hydrophobic nanotechnology they provide, which makes the headsets resist any sweat of fluid they come in contact with, we believe this provides the ideal solution for caring for our headsets.

Not only does the Cleanbox cut down on the waste generated by wipes and masks but additionally provide the peace of mind to any potential VR users that nothing was missed and the headset is safe to use.

If you are looking into investing in a Cleanbox for your own immersive events, they can be ordered from the Cleanbox website, starting at $1800 or for increased capacity it may be work looking at UVISAN's similar solution which can handle up to twelve headsets at once.

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