Despite being closed the FuseBox community is still going strong. We thought now would be a nice opportunity to round up some of the activities that have been taking place since the FuseBox closed at the end of March.

Brighton Immersive Meetup 

Although originally planned to be hosted in-person at the FuseBox, the Brighton Immersive Meetup went ahead - this time however the meetup was hosted in the online VR platform AltspaceVR.

We were joined by Sam Watts from Make Real, talking about some of the #VR4Good projects they have spearheaded and the Systems Change Hive team shared their recent mixed reality project, The Museum for Hidden Paths. A massive thank you to them for being so adaptable to giving talks in VR.

It was fantastic to see so many FuseBox residents and Immersive Meetup regulars in attendance! Plans are in place to bring more regular immersive meetups through online social VR platforms. If you missed it, you can catch the full VOD here:

FuseBox Ask Me Anything
We have launched a new series of live "Ask Me Anything's" that we will be running with various FuseBox residents designed to encourage sharing knowledge and experience during the lockdown. Each AMA is focussed on a particular field with upcoming topics ranging from Innovation to Visual Effects.

In April we hosted our first AMA with Michael Danks of 4GroundMedia as we discussed 360 video production. If you haven't yet had a chance to listen in, the full recording is linked below. If you have further questions, Michael is still keen to be available so please do get in touch.

Join us on Wednesday 5th May at 12pm, for our next FuseBox AMA, looking at Immersive technology, with Andy Baker, Sarah Ticho and Maf'j Alvarez.

We will be live on our new streaming site. You can find out more information here.

Featured Resident
We've recently posted a couple of Featured Resident blog posts:
  • We sat down with some of the Body Rocket team to discuss how the development of their cycling aerodynamic sensor technology is coming along and how their very unique approach to securing investment. You can read the full post here.
  • Julian Weaver of Finetuned shared with us his background and some of the multidisciplinary projects he has undertaken since joining the FuseBox. You can read his post here.

Going Forward
Between the Wired Sussex and FuseBox teams, we are committed to the ongoing support of our friends and local businesses. We are looking to bring many more virtual events and provide opportunities for collaboration to continue even though our office may be closed. Keep an eye on the FuseBox Twitter and website to stay up to date with any events we are running.
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