The Brighton Immersive Lab houses an extensive range of Virtual Reality headsets for FuseBox residents to access. The majority of which are designed to be connected to a VR-ready gaming PC in order to provide the graphical fidelity required for VR.

The Oculus Quest, however, is one of the few exceptions. Alongside headsets such as the Lenovo Mirage and Vive Focus, the Oculus Quest enables a cable-free VR experience due to its inbuilt processor.

While the Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile processors in the Quest will not be capable of high-end graphics and photorealism they do enable a fluid and comfortable VR experience with less graphically intensive applications. If desktop graphics are required, Oculus has released a "link cable" which enables the quest to be tethered to a PC for more performance-intensive games.

Due to its accessible price of £399 and range of uses from consumer to business the Quest has seen huge commercial success and many view it as a breakthrough for Virtual Reality. This surge in popularity has also resulted in the headset being sold out in the UK for several months now.

The Brighton Immersive Lab has three Oculus Quests available for demos, development and testing.