The FuseBox has been a hive of activity this month. With a huge number of new residents joining the FuseBox we have been treated to a variety of 

New Starters
Stephen Cavalier is a writer, director and animator working mainly in TV and games. He is joining the FuseBox to work on a cutting edge kids TV show/multiplayer online world. Stephen is going to be experimenting with Unity and VR.

Grace Baird is currently freelancing as a digital producer with a focus on immersive technology. Recently she has worked on environmental VR documentaries, social media AR filters, interactive websites and art VR experiences for clients including the United Nations, HTC and Google. Grace is interested in exploring scripted narrative immersive storytelling experiences with a particular focus on multiplayer experiences.

Ross O'Shea is joining us to work on a number of miscellaneous applications and game ideas to be developed using Unity and webAR. He is also joining to collaborate with 23 Digital on app ideas and development.

Chris Harvey and Mike Saunders are joining the FuseBox to develop their Cloud-based platform designed to bring a professional augmented reality UI to the commercial drone industry.

Cogapp, our New England House neighbours, have joined the FuseBox in order to access some of the immersive equipment they need to explore the possibilities for collaboration between performing arts, screen and digital practices.

New FuseBox residents Cogapp are in the first phase of their Arts Council funded project using the ballet Giselle as their subject area. They are collaborating with South East Dance, Herne Bay High School, the V&A Museum and numerous other dancers and specialists.

Work is now underway for 23 Digitals immersive experience designed to disrupt the traditional dining experience using AR and IoT. They are preparing to submit their funding application ahead of the April 22nd SMARTGRANT deadline.

Stephen Cavalier, another new-starter at the FuseBox, is currently looking to create Unity demos for the online multiplayer world he is producing to accompany his upcoming animation.  

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