The Brighton Immersive Lab houses a range of equipment to assist in the development of immersive applications. One such item is our "3D Systems Sense 2 3D Scanner." A device which enables quick and easy 3D capture of objects and people. These scans can be used for reference and modelling, 3D printed or used within 3D applications.

Recently we took the 3D scanner to the Booth Museum in Brighton which houses one of the most extensive collections of taxidermy and fossilised animals in the hopes of digitally bringing some of the animals back to life through VR and hand animation.

We have also used the 3D scanner to scan the heads of some of the residents here at the FuseBox to be preserved as 3D prints for years to come

If you or your business are interested in 3D scanning, the FuseBox has access to a variety of volumetric and photogrammetry scanning equipment as well as a range of other proprietary technologies to assist in immersive content development.