2020 is here and the FuseBox is warming up ahead of another exciting year of experimentation and innovation. 

Read who's joined our community recently and what residents have been up to at the start of the year.

New Starters 
Emma Smith has joined the FuseBox as a resident to explore the possibilities of creating narrative led immersive experiences. Armed with a sketchbook, philosophy on experimentation and brain full of strange ideas, she has decided to share her thoughts and experiences on a blog which you can find here.

Peter Eyres is another new resident at the FuseBox. Peter is working around the interesction of technology, innovation and sustainable development. He will be working on Immersive Networks, a collective of artists, scientists and technologists dedicated to transforming complex information into engaging immersive and mixed reality experiences.

On the 19th January Iona Scott finished her exhibition in Amsterdam for the Festival of Light showcasing her plankton based light installations. It was appreciated so much that they have purchased the artwork. Iona is currently looking for expertise around servicing her 3D printer to continue producing her latest creation.

23 Digital are trying to disrupt the traditional dining experience using AR and IoT. They are planning on creating an AR experience that informs diners more about what they are eating, the nutrition provided and help identify allergies. They are in the process of applying for an Innovate UK Smart Grant and are looking for people who may be interested in collaborating. In particular they are looking for Data Scientists and UX Designers to help build out the wireframe.

Make Real have found themselves in possession of the latest Microsoft HoloLens 2 and are working to get their existing applications migrated. They hosted a Learning Hack Webinar, a AIXR webinar on VR use cases for soft skills training and presented at an AltSpaceVR AMA panel on their "Vodafone - Working at Height" experience.

Curiscope have shared their new sustainability strategy. They also have a new product coming out in mid February in partnership with the creator of Star Chart: A series of AR posters about space which will hopefully be launching in the Science Museum. They are currently looking for a few people interesting in testing out the posters for usability/experience so they can make some final tweaks.

Last week we hosted another fantastic Immersive Meetup. This particular event was focussed on creating content from within VR. We were treated to a talk from former local Tim Aidley, who is now a developer at Google working on Tiltbrush in California. He shared some insight on how the team goes about prototyping and producing new features for Tiltbrush. Some of the Gravity Sketch team also joined to explain how they create intuitive tools for designers to prototype and design in VR without overwhelming the user. Arts DRIVA resident Angie Taylor rounded off the evening with a whistle-stop tour of her artistic journey through digital media to virtual reality.

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