Winter has officially arrived but the FuseBox is busier than ever. Hiding from the cold the FuseBox has been a warm hive of activity this past month with residents working on finalising projects before the Christmas break.

Read who's joined our community recently and what residents have been developing in the lead up to Christmas.

Expanding Teams 
Gorilla in the Room
The Gorilla in the Room team have expanded their team, being joined by Adriana Sabau, who is currently assisting them with a particularly intensive 360 video project.

Zoe Fuller has joined the VRCraftworks team as a full-time member of staff. She will be assisting them with ongoing documentation and admin tasks.

New Starter 
Simon Scott has joined the FuseBox as a resident in order to further explore the possibilities of VR sim race-driving. He will be experimenting with different VR driving configurations as well as developing an MVP of a real estate technology, data-driven SAAS.

New 5G Cohort 
We have been joined by a new cohort of companies working with Digital Catapult on the 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme. We are so excited to see what they are going to achieve over the next few months.

Extend Robotics are developing a drone flying platform that enables equipped drones to work as a physical avatar of the user, undertaking complex, dangerous maintenance task. They plan to use 5G to add stability to the remote management system.

Immersive Computing Labs are digitising archive assets and making them available for school curriculum-based learning and public consumption is site specific installations and location-based AR "walks."

OnMyMobile do network simulations, simulating app or service performance under all known network conditions. They are using their time with the testbed to expand their support for 5G networking.

Pixsellar have built a platform that runs live translation and subtitling on mobile devices using edge computing.

Relative Motion are using the testbed to livestream made-for-VR performances captured in high-definition 360 video and streaming it to other 5G enabled locations

YouGo.World have an online platform which enables those who cannot visit locations to participate in live, real-time tours using AR and/or VR

Iona Scott has had a commission for making three light sculptures for a museum in Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Festival of Light, with hopes that they will remain there or go on tour after the festival. Iona now wants to manufacture two additional types of lights which she is interested in making audio reactive. Additionally, Iona is currently looking for an animator for Unity with experience with shaders to assist her.

Built Environment Media is coming up to its first birthday at the FuseBox! Working with FuseBox resident Nick Slack, just this week they have successfully built and implemented an AI to integrate with their existing product. The AI reads a feed from a European database which is published everyday to architects around the world, the team can now see errors and implement real time fixes.

Cynapse are working on an InnovateUk project, using AI to extract textures from pictures for 3D modelling and are looking to expand the team for this 18 month project. The product is aimed to be used for artificial photoshoots, using the textures for ecommerce and making the experience more immersive.

We hosted our Brighton Immersive Show and Tell on Wednesday. We were joined by a number of our ArtsDRIVA residents who showcased some of the fantastic projects they have been working on for the past few months. Thank you to everyone who attended and demonstrated. It looks like everyone received some really valuable feedback!

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