The FuseBox residencies support digital entrepreneurs, tech visionaries and creative technologists who want to turn their ideas into successful innovations.

We work with our residents supporting their projects and connecting them to each other and further opportunities. Here is a run through of some of their developments and events they took part in this month…
New Starters 
Simon Vaughan, Creative Giants
Founder Simon commissions work for their network of contemporary artists to nurture talent and support visual art practice. Currently Simon curating art to be exhibited at Glastonbury Festival as well as curating an exhibition at the V&A with the Big Issue academy.

Tibor Csatlos, Pixelbrain Studio
Tibor Csatlos is an indie game developer and freelancer using the FuseBox to develop new virtual and augmented reality projects and games. Tibor is currently using Unity3D and is keen to share his knowledge with fellow residents.

Marc Convey, 23Digital
Co-Founder Marc has joined the FuseBox to branch into the immersive sector and look into new and innovative digital solutions for the construction and utility industries. 23Digital started as a creative video agency for two years before their love for tech pivoted them into the world of XR.

Julian Weaver, Finetuned
Founder, Julian is a sound artist and web programmer who focuses on interdisciplinary research and curated projects and provides consultative and technical services. Julian is currently mainly working on an exhibition project; Fusion Energy which involves Augmented Reality, mobile tech, fine art curation and civic participation.

New team members for BodyRocket
We also welcome BodyRocket growing as a company, with Jordan Bolland and Marcus Hoenig joining Founder, Eric DeGolier in his mission to build devices that deliver real-time aerodynamic data to cyclists with wind tunnel accuracy.
New partnerships
Founder Tim Fleming, Future Visual announced research and development organisation, rLoop, has acquired multiple licences for their collaboration platform VISIONxR. VISIONxR™ provides its users to access and interact with content via Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality. This provides a platform to communicate, train, learn and supervise in the same shared space.

FuseBox Podcast
Utilising the impressive new audio equipment as part of the Brighton Immersive Lab, we recorded our pilot FuseBox podcast. We chatted about projects taking place in the FuseBox, Featuring Jack Maddalena, VRCraftworks and Phil Nutley, CCD. Listen again here.
Sarah Ticho, Hatsumi organised and took part in Pain and Distraction at Eagle Labs Leeds presented by Immerse UK. The event brought together researchers, startups and innovation experts to explore the applications for VR in pain management.

Ed Silverton, Mnemoscene and Sarah Ticho, Hatsumi  joined an impressive panel at Change for the Machines, a conference by creative futures. a symposium that will draw together key critical thinkers and makers in order to materialize an emergent ‘Critical XR Studies’ network.

Iona Scott AKA Planktonworld makes immersive adventures into the microscopic world of plankton using Virtual Reality, Visual Art and Installation Art. Iona exhibited her Discosphaera light an exhibition called ‘Exploring 3D printing’ at Bell House which was part of Dulwich Festival’s Artist Open House weekend.

We held our bi-monthly VR show and tell and residents George Butler, Mutiny Media, Ed Silverton, Mnemoscene and Sarah Ticho all showcased projects in progress with fellow innovators in the local immersive sector.
Ideas + Developments
Gillian has entered a VR art-piece to Watermans Arts Centre: The Beautiful Mountain after the composer, Schoenberg, the composer of the piece on whose music the work is based.

Andy Baker, Ixxy has been exploring with GeoData and OpenStreetMap, a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world.

Rachel Henson, Outshift has been utilisng the 3D printer as part of the Brighton Immersive Lab creating new prototypes of her Quizzer, an Augmented Reality hack for smartphone that challenges the way we see.
Are you interested in any of these projects and want to talk to any of our residents about your ideas? Would you like to come and work in the FuseBox? We would love to hear from you! Drop an email to Hub Manager; [email protected]
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