A month in and the Arts Driva @ FuseBox, a programme providing an introduction to emerging technologies to artists has seen a range of exciting activities. From Unity workshops led by FuseBox resident Andy Baker to junk modelling classes run by local Innovator and FuseBox contributor; Jim Byford.

July also saw lots of faces, old and new to the FuseBox. Some of our favourite visitors included pioneers in the computer generated art field; Professor William Latham and Doctor Lance Putnam, invited by resident Maf’j Alvarez. Our esteemed guests came to talk to us about their intrepid exploration into science driven audio and visual art and gave hands on demos for their spectacular immersive installation: Mutator VR. You can watch their talk again here.

And as always, our residents have been busy working on their respective and collaborative projects, art practises and business models. Read on to see who’s new to the FuseBox and what important breakthroughs and successes were gained this month…
New Starters
Donna Close, University of Brighton
We are delighted to announce a new honorary resident, Donna Close who is joining the FuseBox to provide her experience and creative facilitation expertise to the Arts Driva @ FuseBox programme and artists.
Mill Goble, Creative Technologist
Mill is putting her recently won Arts Council funding to work on an immersive horror theatre piece featuring elements of VR and escape room style puzzles. The story will be based on the HP Lovecraft short story, ‘Under the Pyramids’ about Houdini getting trapped in an Ancient Egyptian tomb.
James Beer, 23 Digital
James has joined 23 Digital business partner Marc in the FuseBox, together they will be working on some XR, 360 immersive projects plus building their first product amongst other video projects. James is hoping to use his residency to learn more about Photogrammetry, AR and 360.
Haroom Omodudu, Music Composer and Audio Engineer
Haroom is currently working on an audio visual installation that explores the use of rhythm action and procedural audio and recently provided audio for Make Real’s project in collaboration with TOMTech. Haroom is looking to exchange his skills in audio engineering to learn computer graphics whilst being a resident.
Piotr Nierobisz, Munchingsquare
Piotr is a creative technologist and VR/AR/MR developer with 15 years of experience working on different technology projects including some amazing art installations. Piotr is using his residency to learn how to grow a team, develop his own products and make Munchingsquare a sustainable business.
Aivaras Vaisnoras, Singularity Maxim
Recently graduated from Brunel University, Aivaras has joined the FuseBox to provide  AR/VR, machine learning and web development support to various projects with VRCraftworks and Singularity Maxim. During residency, Aivaras would really like to learn more about 3d Modelling, animation as well as develop his knowledge of VR and AR.
Curiscope signed a major contract in Australia and New Zealand and announced that they are now 1 of the 10 studios worldwide partnering with Amazon for the launch of Prime Video VR. Read more here.

Make Real announced they won Prolific London; Tech Co of the Year and Brighton and were also highly commended for Hove Business Awards for ‘Innovation in Business’.

Ed Silverton, Co Founder of Mnemoscene got interviewed by Open Collective about open source sustainability and the Universal Viewer project. Read the article here.

Sarah Ticho, Hatsumi VR got shortlisted for the New Creatives Development programme supported by Arts Council and BBC Arts.
Jack Maddalena from VRCraftworks and Bertie Millis from Virtual Umbrella shared their immersive marketing expertise with guests at the VR Meetup. And our VR Show and Tell took place at the end of the month, giving many local innovators a chance to showcase projects in progress including resident Lucy Nordberg to talk about her company; Moving Pictures Theatre and their recent exploration into 360 capture.

Arts Driva artists Angie Taylor and Abbie Stanton joined FuseBox residents Alan Jackson, Andy Baker: Ixxy, Esin Yavuz: Cyanapse, Piotr Nierobisz: Munchingsquare, Maf’j Alvarez: Root Interactive and Sean Burton: Azura Earth at the Wired Sussex Summer Meetup for networking and fun.

Simon Vaughan, Creative Giants curated art including a huge rainbow installation at Glastonbury festival.

Alex Peckham showcased his immersive piece: Forever at Prishtina International Film Festival.

Alexandra Stuart-Hutcheson curated her University of Brighton’s Digital Media Art MA show; Existentia.

Eric DeGolier, Body Rocket Founder offered a Brown Bag Lunch to fellow residents to talk about his dynamic equity business model.

Samantha Kingston, Virtual Umbrella premiered her first VR piece; Anonymous at Lighthouse.
Ideas and Developments
Gareth, LCE Architects has started to delve more into working with Unreal Engine with the intention of putting together a short guide to share with fellow residents.

Maf’j Alvarez, Root Interactive has made a unity workflow and has been busy inviting guests to the FuseBox to see how immersive could aid their business.

Gillian Spragg, Musician, has been introduced by Maf’j to a new technique of creating 3D images from 2D sources which is opening up some new visual art possibilities for her Chopin Preludes project.
Are you interested in any of these projects and want to talk to any of our residents about your ideas? Would you like to come and work in the FuseBox? We would love to hear from you! Drop an email to Hub Manager; [email protected]
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