The FuseBox is officially the busiest it’s ever been. Last month we kick started Arts Driva @ FuseBox, a programme providing FuseBox residency and an introduction of emerging technologies to 13 selected artists.

We also saw the second 5G Testbed Accelerator cohort begin, once again allowing participants residency and providing access to the tools, facilities and expertise needed to discover, develop and test new products and services using 5G technologies.

Read on to see which artists and startups are taking part in Arts Driva @ FuseBox and the 5G Accelerator Programme and what other exciting events and developments took place during the month of  June…
New Starters
Arts Driva @ FuseBox Artists
Abbie Stanton, Adam Glover, Angie Taylor, Becky Lu,
Chris Duckers, Elizabeth Eade, Ella Royer, Gina Kawecka,
Karen Tilley, Nick Sayers, Valerie Furnham Hudson,
Victoria Fox Markiewicz and Zach Walker
Arts Driva @ FuseBox artists collaborative workshop in their first week

5G Testbed Accelerator cohort
Medium Systems, Simple Tech, Percept imagery,
Sceenic, Vtol, Make Real and TenderTech

Alan Jackson, Sound Artist
is interested in spatial and immersive audio art. He is taking part in the FuseBox residency to expand his knowledge about mixing and integrating ambisonic sound with 360 video and VR.

Alexandra Stuart-Hutcheson, Why We Create
is a Multidisciplinary Artist with a focus on creating Interactive Installations. As part of her MA in Digital Media Arts at Brighton Uni has created the ‘Sound of Colour’ – an illusionary synesthesia experience. This project is part of her exploration into the healing potential of colour and sound, in immersive technologies.
New VRCraftworks team members
Have expanded their team with Summer interns; Joe Maddalena, from Bournemouth University and second year computer science student Fenton from the University of Sussex. Joe and James working mostly with the VRCraftworks team helping to create Augmented Reality filters.

New Body Rocket team members
Have also gained an intern, Jason Garde who is a 4th year physics student from the University of Southampton, who is working with BodyRocket over the summer providing Machine Learning support whilst they are testing their innovative product that captures real-time aerodynamic data.
Artist Karen Tilley has been awarded a grant from Arts Council South East and National Lottery Project Grants for ‘Solace’ – a community sound art project & touring installation in the Sussex Downs with Musician Kevin Grist.

Make Real, Percept Imagery and Body Rocket have been shortlisted for a Brighton & Hove Business Award – Innovation in Business.

Tibor Csatlos, Pixelbrain Studios, Indie Games Developer’s game 3D Mahjong worlds has been accepted on the Occulus Go store and is launching on 4th July.

Curiscope are looking forward to taking part in Develop Conference and also celebrated the French release of their first product, the Virtuali-Tee, an Augmented Reality T-Shirt. Now available in 11 languages across the world. 

Body Rocket Founder Eric DeGolier shared his insights into the importance of aerodynamics in sport at Nerd Nite, Brighton. He also announced they won an exciting grant from the University of Southampton which has allowed them access to the University’s wind tunnels as part of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.
Eric DeGolier presenting at Nerd Nite, Brighton


Steve Huckle, University of Sussex PhD student presented at the Brighton Blockchain meetup co-organised by fellow resident Mike Cohen. Steve presented his work around ‘Beyond Cryptocurrencies’ and showcased the applications he’s created as part of his PhD. This includes a cryptocurrencies exchange app, a way of proving of province of digital media and a humanitarian aid supporting app.

Kate Stokes, creator of Wonderland X an immersive 360 video sponsored by Google and Youtube continues to gain new viewers and currently has 12k views on YouTube with about 200 new views a day. Kate and fellow FuseBox resident @SarahTicho Founder of @HatsumiVR who helped produce the piece, visited and presented their work at VR Creator Lab in the YouTube Space, London.
Kate Stokes and Sarah Ticho at VR Creator Lab

Louise Winters, Freelance Marketing & Communications Consultant and Data Intensive Science Centre at the University of Sussex completed a writing workshop with Evelyn Wilson, Director of The Culture Capital Exchange for summer solstice. 

Maf’j Alvarez and Andy Baker spoke about their experience of making Warbells, an immersive telling of a historical story of the church bells taken from an Austrian village to melt into bombs during World War 1, at the Museum Tech 2019 conference in London.
Andy Baker and Maf’j Alvarez presenting at Museum Tech Conference

A film made by Sammy from Virtual Umbrella: Anonymous which was made using some of the filming equipment from the Brighton Immersive Lab here at the FuseBox is ready to be shown for the first time. Catch the preview event happening on the 24th July at Lighthouse. 

Sound Artist, Alan Jackson is currently planning various sound workshops and sessions as part of his involvement with Kiss2019, a four intensive symposium of sound, music, ideas, and interaction, in South Korea.
Ideas and Developments
Sarah Ticho, Hatsumi wants to create female led, tech for good collective to get more ideas to fruition and to help bridge the skills gap in the tech industry.

Louise Winters is trying to increase academic collaboration at the Data Intensive Science Centre at the University of Sussex by building relationships with businesses that are interested in accessing data.

Artist Iona Scott is working with a project based in Zambia teaching arduino and is looking to potentially run a workshop here in the FuseBox for people interested in learning more.
Are you interested in any of these projects and want to talk to any of our residents about your ideas? Would you like to come and work in the FuseBox? We would love to hear from you! Drop an email to Hub Manager; [email protected]
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