One of the more recent additions to the growing range of equipment available at the FuseBox, is our new audio recording/podcasting station. Due to a growing demand from FuseBox residents for a studio quality recording environment, our four microphone setup is designed to provide a variety of configurations, for a number of different projects.
One such project is our plan to introduce a “FuseBox podcast” which we have titled “FuseBox Sparks.” The goal of the podcast is to host a friendly, informal discussion, on a variety of emerging technologies, joined by a selection of FuseBox residents who specialise in that field.
 Recording FuseBox Sparks
 Last Friday we recorded our pilot episode which was both an educational and enjoyable experience. We’ve included that recording below for you to listen along to.
 If you have any questions about utilising the FuseBox’s impressive range of equipment, get in touch!
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