In Brighton, trying to keep up a good work life balance can be hard, it’s especially hard in August. It’s a month of late summer sunshine and big celebrations like Pride taking over the city. In despite of this, the FuseBox has been as busy as ever and fresh collaborations and exciting new ideas have continued to manifest between our resident innovators.
 If you would like to know what kind of work takes place in the FuseBox, read this monthly round up that includes who’s new and what important developments took place this month.

New Starters 
Ryk Waters (and Barney the dog)
Designer Ryk produces online, hardware and software experiences and is currently running two different tech startups alongside providing freelance design work. Ryk will be mostly working on his MediTech startup, producing connected devices to aid psychotherapists whilst being in the FuseBox.
Ryk is looking to learn more about electronics theory and material science and offer his experience in UX design, Bluetooth Low Energy hardware design to fellow residents. When asked, Ryk said his hobbies were dogs, football, dogs, electronics, dogs and dogs!
Sam Watts, MakeReal announced they launched their VR game Loco Dojo on their 3rd platform – Viveport.
Ed Barton from Curiscope recorded a podcast with Happy Startups about the responsibilities of being a Founder and the mental side of running a company. Listen here
Curiscope also launched their immersive game: Discovery Shark Week Operation Apex this month. Found out more here
Jack Maddalena, Co Founder of VR Agency VRCraftworks shared his thoughts on augmented reality with immersive company Zappa. Listen to the webinar again here 
Louise Winters as part of her role at the University of Sussex organised the content for the Data Intensive, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Summer School for a large number of their PhD students.
As part of this event, fellow resident and Data Visualisation expert Sean Burton Founder of Azura Earth gave a talk on his experience in the sector.
Co-Founder of Mnemoscene and creator of the Universal Viewer Ed Silverton ran a workshop showcasing AR.js and A-Frame for the Async Meetup Brighton to show how to create easy Augmented Reality content on the web.
Artist Iona Scott got involved and exhibited her light sculpture at the Late at Tate event at the Tate Britain.
Founder of Hatsumi VR, Sarah Ticho spoke at Anxiety Tech conference in New York City. Sarah also hosted a workshop at the Old Market in Brighton to see how artists use data to build visual and interactive works.
Artist and Founder of Root Interactive Maf’j Alvarez with Sebastian Weidt from the University of Sussex ran a Quantum Computing hack day with fellow residents.
Ideas + Developments
Louise Winters took part in a session with Maf’j Alvarez using Unity to develop an idea of building an immersive experience that incorporates poetry and literature.
Julian Weaver Founder of Finely Tuned is nearing the completion of a prototype augmented reality app. Julian is also working on converting data to sound and is currently handling audio generated from reactors.  
Esin Yavuz, CoFounder of Cyanapse, a company that harnesses AI to automate image editing and data processing tasks would like to connect with any businesses interested in generating realistic textures for ecommerce.
Tudor Jenkins Founder of Wide Eyed Vision is finishing work on his funded project to create an app to digitalise gardens and is now looking at how to get further funding and how to develop it further. 
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